Preview: "The Empty Vessel"
The Empty Vessel

Love, you never said it'd go like this.
Down all our shuttered holes it courses
Like rain.
Communal water, communion wine, the shattered bowl
Gone are all our hands and voices
Poured out in blood.
Where are we now? 
Dead horses, 
Dead lines of ferrymen.
And you turn, long-shanked, and you say "keep walking."
Keep walking
Turn neither to the left nor to the right.
Further in we go, and farther on.
We set our course along a fragment, falling
Amidst the rain.
As refugees we're both the baptised and the gushing blood
Pattering down, from dust to dust returning,
Persephone reborn.
Still all is love -
Contorted -
Defies design,
As you form the flow and you cause the falling.
Love's all-informing -
The breathing-out of death, and in of life
(Is in us
And is moving us now).